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Traditional and Contemporary French Polishing in London

Starcase and archway showing the beauty of a french polisher finishFPL uses both traditional and contemporary French polishing and wood finishing techniques to bring out the natural beauty of your wooden furniture or architecture with:

Based in London, FPL is an experienced firm of French polishers and restorers of antique and new wood including furniture, wood panelling, staircases, and flooring.

If you are in the London area and have a French polishing enquiry, you can contact FPL by email or by phone on 07958 171068 or 020 8903 2367.

Traditional French Polishing and Wood Restoration

FPL uses a range of traditional wood finishing skills to restore antique wood to its former glory. With some 35 years experience, French Polisher London is skilled in traditional methods and regularly works on fine antiques, as well as with new and contemporary wood.

The FPL team is also skilled in wood grain filling, often needed in the restoration of antique furniture.

Wood Scratch and Stain Repairs and Renovations

Scratches, stains and ring marks can damage the natural beauty of your wooden furniture and features. If your treasured wooden surfaces have suffered damage, the French Polisher London team can help by removing unsightly marks and blemishes. For more information and quotations, ring FPL on 07958 171068 or 020 8903 2367.

Wood Staining and Colour Matching

When you need to match pieces of furniture, for example a table and chairs, French Polisher London will stain and exactly match the colour of your existing wood.

Should you need a lighter colour, wood can be bleached. This can also help remove stains before the final polish is applied.

Wax Polishing and Lacquering

As well as French polishing, FPL offers a full wax finishing and polishing service. Wax polishing will preserve the natural beauty of your wood, giving it a deep lustrous finish. If you need a more resilient surface, FPL will be pleased to advise on alternative lacquer finishes.

Wood Ageing and Distressing

If you are matching wood or looking for a special design effect, French Polisher London can help you with wood ageing and distressing techniques.

Limed Oak

Wood was originally limed to protect it against attack from insects. Today, limed oak is used for decorative purposes. Your oak can be limed in a range of pastel colours, complementing your décor and design needs.

Ebonising (black French polish)

Ebony is a very expensive hardwood, often used for mouldings and wooden trims. In French polishing terms, 'ebonising' refers to treating other woods to simulate ebony.

Washing and Reviving

Old wood, such as furniture, panelling or doors can lose its colour and lustre. This is often caused by dirt, or an accumulation of wax. Old wood can be washed and revived, restoring its beautiful patina and appearance.

Wood Stripping and Polishing

FPL will hand strip and polish any wooden flooring, panelling, doors, staircases, etc. onsite. The FPL team will work alongside your architects and designers to ensure the finish exactly meets your specifications.

If you would like advice or a quotation, contact FPL today by phoning 07958 171068 or 020 8903 2367. Alternatively, you can send your French polishing enquiry by email. You can be sure of skilled craftsmen and a truly professional service.